Developing the Breeder’s Toolbox at the Sol Genomics Network


Joyce Van Eck, Boyce Thompson Institute; Heather L. Merk, The Ohio State University

This webinar was presented at the 2011 Potato Association of America conference by Dr. Joyce Van Eck, Boyce Thompson Institute. Dr. Van Eck discusses the development and use of the “Breeders Toolbox” on the Sol Genomics Network (SGN).


The Sol Genomics Network (SGN) houses multiple databases with genetic, genomic, and trait data for Solanaceous species. The Breeders Toolbox was developed for plant breeders as an access portal into databases originally created with molecular biology research as a focus. During this webinar, Dr. Joyce Van Eck describes development of the Breeders Toolbox and performs sample searches using the marker and phenotype tools.

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