Genetic Markers: Conifer Genomics Module 6


Nicholas Wheeler, Oregon State University; Jill Wegrzyn, University of California, Davis; David Harry, Oregon State University; Heather L. Merk, The Ohio State University

This is the sixth module in a series of 17 developed by the Conifer Translational Genomics Network (CTGN) and Pine Reference Sequence (PineRefSeq). This foundation module by CTGN reviews genetic markers.


This module reviews genetic markers. The topic of genetic markers, similar to the topics covered in modules 1-5, could embrace a wide range of material encompasing an entire course. This constrained treatment focuses largely on the SNP, or single nucleotide polymorphism, following a general introduction. To say that markers are important to the science of genetics is an understatement. Not only have they provided the tools to investigate genetic mechanisms, but they are the means by which we endeavor to dissect complex genetic traits and complement traditional crop improvement methods.

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Module 6 — Genetic Markers

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  • Nicholas Wheeler, Jill Wegrzyn, and David Harry developed the learning module content.
  • Heather Merk developed the webpage.

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