Landscape Genomics: Conifer Genomics Module 16


Nicholas Wheeler, University of California Davis; David B. Neale, University of California Davis

This is the 16th module in a series of 17 developed by Conifer Translational Genomics Network (CTGN) and the Conifer Reference Genome Sequencing (PineRefSeq) Project. This module by PineRefSeq focuses on landscape genomics.


Landscape genomics can be used to identify genetic and environmental factors that play a role in how organisms adapt to their surroundings. Landscape genomics offers land managers a tool for addressing decisions regarding reforestation, habitat restoration, conservation, and assisted migration. Difficult enough in the best of times, such decisions are complicated today by anticipated changes to our global climates in the decades to come. Landscape genomics is a newly emerging discipline that combines the fields of population genetics and landscape ecology to study patterns of demographic and adaptive genetic variation across highly diverse landscapes. The science of landscape genomics is driven by the merger of rapidly developing technologies in both genomics and GIS (Geographic Information Systems).


Module 16 — Landscape Genomics

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