Phenotyping the SolCAP Potato Germplasm Panel


Walter De Jong, Cornell University; Heather L. Merk, The Ohio State University

This webinar was presented at the 2011 Potato Association of America conference by Dr. Walter De Jong, Cornell University. Dr. De Jong discusses trait data derived from multi-location phenotyping of the SolCAP potato germplasm panel.


As part of the Solanaceae Coordinated Agricultural Project (SolCAP), a germplasm panel of over 200 potato cultivars and breeding clones was assembled and evaluated in multi-location trials. A tetraploid potato population with 192 progeny was also evaluated. Data for specific traits was collected for the germplasm panel in four locations in 2010. The tetraploid population was evaluated in two locations in 2010. Plant characteristics including vine maturity and plant habit were evaluated, as were numerous tuber size, shape, and quality characteristics. Yield was also measured. This trait evaluation provides a foundation for estimates of heritability and marker-trait linkage analysis.

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  • Solanaceae Coordinated Agricultural Project (SolCAP) [Online]. Michigan State University. Available at: (verified 18 Oct 2011).

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