Plant Breeding Approaches and Technologies for Challenges in Agriculture: A view from a Texas Maize Breeding Program

This webinar was recorded on May 6, 2015, and it is part of the 2015 National Association of Plant Breeders (NAPB) Webinar Series. Find all upcoming and recorded webinars in this series at

PDF Handout of slides for the webinar

About the Presenter

Dr. Murray’s research focuses on molecular quantitative genetics as well as applied maize breeding.  He identifies and quantifies genetic effects in maize for tolerance and resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses along with introgression of exotic germplasm into adaptedsubtropical and temperate germplasm.  Dr. Murray develops germplasm with improved grain quality, processing properties, and value-added traits.  He uses QTL mapping, association mapping, and genomic selection to expedite the breeding process.


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