SolCAP Workshop at PAA 2012 Webinar

Watch presentations from the SolCAP workshop at the 2012 Potato Association of America meeting


A Century of Potato Breeding: Improvement, Diversification, and Diversity. Candace Hirsch.

Seeking and Verifying Candidate Genes on the Infinium 8303 Potato SNP Array. Richard Veilleux. (currently not available)

SNP Mapping and QTL Analysis in a Tetraploid Mapping Population. David Douches.

What to Do When Your SNP Data Set Arrives. Sarah Braun.

TetraploidMap and SolCAP SNPs for QTL Analysis in Potato. Jaebun Park.

Using SolCAP SNPs to Map QTL for Calcium and Tuber Quality in a Tetrapoloid Population. Cinthya Zorrilla.

About the Webinar

This webinar is a live broadcast of the SolCAP workshop at the 96th Annual Potato Association of America Meeting in Dever, Colordo. 

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