Working with Infinium Genotype Data


Allen Van Deynze, University of California, Davis; Kelly Zarka, Michigan State University

This page provides video and an audio-transcript of Dr. Allen van Deynze’s workshop “Working with Infinium Genotype Data”, originally presented at the SolCAP workshop at the Potato Association of America meeting in August 2010. This session focuses on highly parallel genotyping tools as we move away from scoring sequence polymorphism as a “band on a gel.”

This session will focus on highly parallel genotyping tools. We are moving away from scoring sequence polymorphism as a “band on a gel”. We will present the design of the SolCAP/Illumina consortium tool, discuss the resulting data format, and discuss quality control.

You can view the webinar below or at the SolCAP website.

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 Presenter: Allen Van Deynze, University of California, Davis

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