Association Analysis and Genomic Selection in Tomato Breeding


David M. Francis, The Ohio State University; Heather L. Merk, The Ohio State University

During this webinar, delivered live at the 2011 Tomato Disease Workshop at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, Dr. David Francis from The Ohio State University discusses genomic selection in tomato breeding.

The Workshop/Webinar Module “Genomic Selection in Tomato Breeding” will review association analysis and genomic selection. Emphasis will be placed on understanding the differences between identifying significant marker-trait linkages in complex populations and predicting breeding value of an individual based on kinship and genotype. The workshop has a practical focus, covering the organization and preparation of data, available resources to facilitate analysis, and practical examples.

At the end of the module, participants should be able to describe association analysis and genome wide selection (GWS), define and estimate a breeding value, define a multiple trait index, prepare data for association analysis and GWS, and access demonstrations and practical exercises.

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