About the Plant Breeding and Genomics Webinar Series and Sponsorship

About Our Webinar Series

The Plant Breeding and Genomics webinar recordings are integrated into demonstration-style tutorials that translate widely applicable breeding advances into practice.  Our audience prefers webinars with strong “how-to” emphasis, so most webinars provide software specific instruction and are accompanied by sample data. Plant Breeding and Genomics tutorials and recordings have been viewed nearly a half a million times and reached thousands of people worldwide. Our audience is comprised of students (32%), professional breeders and staff (31%), post-docs (15%).

The success of the webinar series, as measured by total views and survey responses, stems from directly responding to the needs of the plant breeding community. The large majority of webinar participants rate webinars as helpful and plan to apply knowledge gained to their work. Topic selection and tutorial format are informed by (1) survey responses, (2) input from our expert content committee, and (3) careful assessment of tutorial-style. Topics targeted for upcoming webinars, including “Genome-Wide Selection” and “Field Layouts and Experimental Design,” are chosen to support both post-graduate professionals and students.

Charitable Giving and Webinar Sponsorship

Charitable giving to the Plant Breeding and Genomics Community of Practice is a fantastic way to support plant breeders as they work towards the goal of sustainable agricultural intensification.  All charitable giving, including PayPal donations (see button to the right), go through the eXtension Foundation, a non-profit entity that exists to support the work of the national eXtension Initiative.

The Plant Breed and Genomics Community of Practice is actively seeking support from industry and non-profit organizations though webinar sponsorship.  Our goal is to raise $40K/yr through webinar sponsorship to supplement funds from competitive grants.   Sponsorship in the range of $2-10K helps ensure that the Plant Breeding and Genomics Community of Practice can continue webinar series development.  During the year of their sponsorship, sponsors will be recognized during our webinar recordings. Supporting the Plant Breeding and Genomics Webinar Series is a positive way to engage your organization with active members of the plant breeding community.   Our webinars support a worldwide pool of current and future plant breeding professionals, and provide a resource for self-paced learning through incorporation into eXtension tutorials that include information like, data sets, software, and analysis scripts.

For more information on sponshorship see the attached PDF document that outlines sponsorship acknowledgement or contact Shawn Yarnes or David Francis.

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